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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How about a positive spin on things for a change...

I privately met with several of the largest repossession companies last summer and we brought in a PR Person to discuss some of the strategies involved in mounting a positive PR campaign around our industry. This person had successfully raised public awareness for industries that faced similar challenges, not quite as difficult, but I feel she can do the job, and she has no connection to anyone, and being located in the capital of the largest regulated state in the country, she may be in the right place.

Her ideas included:

Integrated marketing plans
Key Messages/Logo/Business System and Brand Developments
Media outreach
Media and presentation skills training
Advertising and media buys
Community outreach and public involvement
Email/ VIP outreach list
Email blasts, special programs, etc

I’m running a skip company; Find John Doe, and getting ready to launch a software to hopefully help improve our industry, masterQueue by Intellaegis, so my time is limited at best, but I would participate on a board level if we could form an interest list and then a board and then select a leader to oversee this process.

Forget about the associations running this, if they wanted to do something they would have acted years ago and getting them to work together seems to be a challenge in itself. You need an independent board of entrepreneurs who can represent the industry, and I’d say the qualifications would be:

10 years exp in the repo industry

Verifiable personal experience repossessing cars themselves in the field, and I’m not talking about a ride along

Running a business in this industry that currently generates at least $1m in annual revenue

I’d also include 1-2 client members and I’d invite Kevin as a media rep

1 rep from each association responsible for being the liaison for their association and responsible for collecting dues to fund this program and sharing info to/from their members- and non assoc members would have a liaison for the companies not in associations

A paid independent admin to handle the day to day and budget

email me privately if you are interested in participating:

John Lewis